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14 months ago

TablePress 2.0.1 fixes a few bugs in TablePress 2.0. For more information on the great changes in TablePress 2.0, please see below.

  • TablePress will again work correctly when it's “network activated” on WordPress Multisite installations.
  • Issues that some users had with saving changes on the “Edit” screen are fixed.
  • The misalignment between head and body rows when using “Horizontal Scrolling” is fixed.
  • The vertical alignment of elements in table cells is back to its old behavior, due to issues in some themes.
  • No errors should be thrown anymore when the “Table Features for Site Visitors” are active for tables that have combined cells or no head row.
  • The “Shortcode” text field, often used for copy and paste, on the “Edit” is back!
  • More valuable information about errors is given when a table import fails.
  • An issue with the sorting arrow icons showing as weird characters is fixed.
  • No errors should be thrown anymore when required PHP extensions are missing on a server when evaluating math formulas.

TablePress 2.0 is a major feature update. Besides a fresh and modern look of the TablePress admin screens, here are the highlights:

  • Completely new “Edit” screen for tables
    • TablePress now has an even more spreadsheet-like user interface that makes working with large tables a breeze.
    • Editing will be much faster: A right-click context menu allows for quick access to the table manipulation tools.
    • A keyboard shortcut for saving changes will save a lot of scrolling.
  • Block editor support instead of having to deal with Shortcodes
    • The new “TablePress table” block will give you a preview of the table when inserting it into a post or page, for a more intuitive embedding of tables. You won’t even have to remember the table ID, as a table search is included.
    • And if you want, converting existing Shortcodes is just two clicks away.
  • Easier styling of tables
    • You can now use CSS variables for quicker and easier styling changes, in particular of table colors.
    • The CSS selectors in the default CSS have been simplified for higher compatibility with more themes.
  • Importing tables is easier and more powerful than ever
    • Simply drag&drop files, even multiple files at once, even of different formats!
    • No more need to choose the import file format: The auto detection will know if it’s importing a CSV, Excel, HTML, or - JSON file.
    • In addition, more file formats are recognized, like the LibreOffice ODS format.
    • The Excel import is much more powerful: For example, clickable links and simple styling will be recognized and imported!
    • The Replace/Append select box also has a live-search with autocomplete now, which makes finding the right table much - faster.
  • New formula calculation engine
    • TablePress now understands many more formulas, just as you know them from Excel.
    • The formulas even support text strings now, which enables many new ways of automatically creating table content.
  • Behind the scenes
    • Cleaned up and simplified code, for easier future maintenance, to follow WordPress Coding Standards, and to offer - helpful inline documentation.
    • Updated external libraries to benefit from enhancements and bug fixes.
    • Automated code compatibility checks and build tools simplify simple chores for easier development.
    • Support for PHP 8.1 and PHP 8.2.
    • TablePress 2.0 requires WordPress 5.8.
  • Premium versions
    • Even more great features for you and your site’s visitors and priority email support are available with a Premium license plan of TablePress. Go check them out!

For more information please see the announcement at

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