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Breaking Changes

  • As Swift 3 is officially no longer maintained, we're obsoleting the Swift 3 templates and they are no longer included with SwiftGen. You can still use the old swift 3 templates by getting them from older SwiftGen versions, or from GitHub by browsing older tags.
    David Jennes


  • XCAssets: the colorAliasName and imageAliasName template parameters are now deprecated and will be removed in the next major release.
    David Jennes
  • The use of swiftgen <parser> (e.g. swiftgen strings, swiftgen xcassets, …) command line for running individual parsers is now deprecated in favor of swiftgen run <parser>. See "New Features" below.
  • The subcommand swiftgen templates has been renamed swiftgen template (singular); the plural form of the command has been deprecated and will be removed in next major version.
  • The ability for SwiftGen to search custom named templates in ~/Library/Application Support has been deprecated and will be removed in SwiftGen 7.0. This little known feature made SwiftGen dependent on the machine it was running on. Use templatePath to reference custom templates by path instead.

New Features

  • Invoking individual parsers from the command line is now done via swiftgen run <parser>. We still highly recommend to use a configuration file for flexibility and performance reasons in your projects, and only use swiftgen run <parser> for things like quick iterations when writing your own custom templates.
  • You can now easily create a new config file using swiftgen config init. This will create an example and commented config file and open it to let you edit it to your needs. Note that the generated config file is static content which doesn't take the user's project into account (though that might change in the future).
  • You can now use swiftgen template doc [parser] [templateName] on the command line to quickly open the documentation for templates on GitHub directly from your terminal.
  • Each parser now accepts an options dictionary, with which you can set internal parser settings to change its behaviour. See the parser's specific documentation for available options.
    David Jennes
  • Strings: the parser now accepts a separator option, used to split keys into structured components. The default separator remains .. For more information, check the parser's documentation.
    David Jennes
  • Core Data: the built-in templates now support an optional extraImports parameter. With this you can provide a list of modules to additionally import, for when you have properties with types from external modules. For more information, check the template's documentation.
    David Jennes
  • Core Data: the built-in templates now support RawRepresentable attributes (such as enum, OptionSet, …). They'll check the "User Info" of an attribute for a RawType key, which should be set to the type name you want to use for that attribute. To avoid optional attributes, you can also add the unwrapOptional user info key. For more information, check the template's documentation.
    David Jennes
  • Strings: the built-in templates now accept a parameter lookupFunction for customizing the localization function, check the template documentation for more information.
    Steven Magdy
  • Strings: templates to generate Objective-C. Please check the template's documentation for more information.
    Eric Slosser
  • XCAssets: the parser now supports AR Resource Groups, together with reference images and objects.
    David Jennes
  • Templates: Bundle now use static property on BundleToken for better performance.
  • All parsers now have built-in Swift 5 templates.
    David Jennes
  • Most templates now accept a parameter to force having the file name used as namespace (enum <FileName>) in generated code even if there's only one single input file.
    Viktoras Laukevičius

Bug Fixes

  • SwiftGen now properly shows a better help message and the command usage when running an incomplete command, instead of complaining about a config file.
  • XCAssets: improved the performance for color assets by caching the resolved colors.
    David Jennes
  • Core Data: entityName is now correctly a class var instead of a class func.
    David Jennes
  • Strings: we now correctly generate the type Any (instead of String) for %@ placeholders.
    David Jennes
  • Colors: Reduce initializer type inference for improved compilation performance.
    Markus Faßbender
  • Config Lint: fix config lint not processing relative paths containing ".." correctly.
    Wolfgang Lutz
  • Core Data: the generated code was missing , (comma) for fetch requests with multiple arguments.
    David Jennes
  • Colors: Fix compile time warning when long expression type checking is enabled.
    Ryan Mason-Davies

Internal Changes

  • The main branch of the repository has been renamed from master to stable. If you pointed your Podfile or dependency managment tool to master instead of an official release/tag, you will have to update the branch name in your dependency file.
  • Documentation: Improved doc for creating custom templates, and added a Documentation Table of Contents.
  • Refactoring: Reduce globals & rearrange CLI code.
  • Moved generated test output files into subdirectories per template.
    David Jennes
  • Compile generated output using configuration files for easier management.
    David Jennes
  • XCAssets: renamed the catalogs we use for sample code & testing to avoid some confusion.
    David Jennes
  • Update SwiftLint and enable some extra SwiftLint rules.
    David Jennes
  • Some CI fixes related to software versions.
    Patrick Nollet
  • Updated to CocoaPods 1.9.0.
    David Jennes
  • Updated Pods and Gems dependencies.
    David Jennes
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