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Version 3.0.0

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3 years ago


  • This plugin now includes experimental two-way audio support. Be aware that this feature is likely to be tweaked in the future, and a configuration that works now may need to be altered in the future.
  • Better detection of audio and video streams. There should be very few scenarios where mapvideo or mapaudio are needed anymore, as FFmpeg's stream auto-selection is now set up.
  • Default videoFilter can be disabled by including none in your comma-delimited list of filters.
  • Further reorganization of the config UI.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected handling of inactive camera timeouts. You should no longer see timeout messages after cleanly closing a camera stream.
  • Fixed forceMax not applying to resolution in some scenarios.

Breaking Changes

  • additionalCommandline has been replaced by encoderOptions to better reflect it's intended use.
  • preserveRatio has been removed and is now active as long as the default videoFilter list is active.

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