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Version 2.5.0

latest releases: v3.1.4, v3.1.3, v3.1.2...
3 years ago


  • forceMax has been added. This will force the use of maxWidth, maxHeight, maxFPS, and maxBitrate when set.
  • If maxWidth, maxHeight, or maxFPS are set to 0, the width, height, or framerate of the source will now be used for the output.
  • If maxBitrate is set to 0, the bitrate of the encoder will not be limited. I strongly recommend against this, but it is a better option than setting it to 999999 or similar values, as I've seen in some configs.
  • Reorganized config UI options.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix handling of IPv6 connections.

Breaking Changes

  • Horizontal and vertical flip have been removed. If you need these options, pass hflip and/or vflip in videoFilter.
  • forceMax has resulted in the removal of minBitrate, as it is now redundant. To replicate the old behavior, set maxBitrate to the bitrate you want to use and set forceMax to true.
  • preserveRatio is now a boolean to reduce confusion and support the better handling of that option.

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