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Version 2.0.0

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3 years ago

Breaking Changes

  • Code has been refactored to typescript, thanks to Brandawg93.
  • Plugin requires homebridge >= 1.0.0.
  • Cameras no longer need to be manually added to homebridge
    • Cameras are now bridged instead of being created as external accessories in homebridge.
    • Once you update, you will see two copies of each of your cameras.
    • You will need to manually remove the old cameras from HomeKit by going into the cameras' settings and choosing "Remove Camera from Home".
    • The new bridged cameras will not have this option, and will instead have a "Bridge" button.
    • You will also need to copy over any automations that you had tied to your cameras, such as motion detection.

Other Changes

  • Google Drive Upload has been removed in this update. PRs are welcome for other Video Cloud Options.

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