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Version 1.0.0

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4 years ago

Breaking Changes

homebridge-camera-ffmpeg now comes bundled with it's own pre-built static ffmpeg binaries that are compiled with support for audio (libfdk-aac) and hardware decoding (h264_omx). The following platforms are supported:

  • Raspbian Linux - armv6l (armv7l)
  • Debian/Ubuntu Linux - x86_64, armv7l, aarch64
  • Alpine Linux - x86_64, armv6l, aarch64
  • macOS (10.14+) - x86_64
  • Windows 10 - x86_64

If your platform is not supported the plugin will fallback to using your global install of ffmpeg automatically.

Should you wish to force the plugin to use the global install of ffmpeg instead of the provided copy, you can simply set videoProcessor option to ffmpeg. Example:

  "platform": "Camera-ffmpeg",
  "videoProcessor": "ffmpeg",
  "cameras": [

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