github SumoLogic/sumologic-kubernetes-collection v1.3.0

This is a features release v1.3 with no breaking changes.

  • With this release we are adding support for app metrics from NginX, Redis and JMX with the help of the Telegraf Operator #893
    Documentation of how to setup the Telegraf can be found here.

  • Additionally we migrated Prometheus Operator from the Helm Stable repository to the new Prometheus Community Helm Charts repository #908

    • We still use the prometheus-operator alias in the values.yaml file
    • We will migrate off the prometheus-operator alias into kube-prometheus-stack in the upcoming v2.0 release
  • Also we have prepared the performance recommendations document #900

List of main fixes and features:

  • Include OpenTelemetry Collector logs by default #960
  • Add resource limits for prometheus container #959
  • Thanos sidecar has no limits set #862
  • Add crio parser to fluent-bit #950
  • Introduce cache refresh variation #952
  • Fix handling api versions in fluent-plugin-enhance-k8s-metadata #942
  • Fix kubeclient v4.9.1 usage with group apis #927
  • Do not proxy kubernetes internal traffic #920
  • Don't scrape from headless services #895
  • Support for Security Context for containers in sumologic-kubernetes-collection #786
  • Capture HPA metrics #884
  • Expose priority class for resources deployed by k8s collection #732
  • Add Source Category customization options for default logs source #749
  • Support PodDisruptionBudget for fluentd-logs/metrics/events #742
  • Support setting nodeselector for job and pods created in values.yaml #747
  • Set limits for job pod used during install #740

Full list of changes is available at

After installing this release with Helm one may see the following message:

WARNING: File persistence for fluentd is disabled. This might lead to loss of data in case of memory buffer overflow.
We recommend turning this property on for production environments.

We highly recommend to enable file persistence for production environments by setting fluentd.persistence.enabled=true.
This property will be enabled by default in the v2.0 release.

16 days ago