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QModManager 4.2

Changes in this version #242

This is a backwards-compatible feature release.

NOTE: If you have made changes to your BepInEx\configs\BepInEx.cfg file, you may want to back this up before install, as this version of QMM now ships a default BepInEx.cfg file.

  • New feature: QModManager now supports packaging of BepInEx plugins or patchers directly in your QMods subdirectory, to enable mods to include/distribute these without requiring a non-standard installation procedure. #236
  • Bugfix: BepInEx plugins will no longer be destroyed immediately by the game on launch. #239 #240
  • Maintenance: Updated AssetsTools.NET to v2.0.9. #238
  • Maintenance: Migrated to 7zip for Vortex/Manual install .zips. #243
latest release: v4.2.1
4 months ago