github SubnauticaModding/QModManager v4.0.2.1
QModManager v4.0.2.1

For Subnautica and Below Zero stable branch.

For full details, visit #181.

  • Updated to BepInEx v5.3 #182
  • VersionCheck now appropriately checks the qmodmanager-config.json 212338e
  • Installer now checks for .NET Framework 4.0 3db378e
  • Improved assembly load order logging in Debug mode #167
  • Fix for dependency tree logic #171
  • BepInEx cache is now cleared whenever QMM core assemblies are updated #172
  • Bugfix for debug logs for required mods in the dependency tree #174
  • Updated to MirrorInternalLogs v1.3 from BepInEx.Debug r6 to fix various edge-case bugs #175 #178 9fa10cc
  • Improved error logging when QMMHarmonyShimmer detects invalid assemblies #179
  • All BepInEx preloader patchers should now fail softly and log stack traces in the event of a failure #177
  • Improved file tree logging #170
  • Improved QModFactory validation and assembly loading #180
  • Cleaned up unused references 7d2ecad
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14 months ago