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QModManager 2.0

  • You can no longer install QModManager in wrong folders!
  • Added version of Harmony alongside the old one. Both use the "Harmony" namespace.
  • Added a LoadAfter/LoadBefore system.
  • Added a Dependency system.
  • If an error occurs, it is now shown on screen
  • There are now hooks in the QModManager.Hooks class for the following methods: Start, FixedUpdate, Update, LateUpdate, OnApplicationQuit, SceneLoaded, OnLoadEnd (OnLoadEnd is invoked after all of the mods have loaded)
  • QModManager is now uninstalled by removing the IL code for the patch - the backup file is no longer used
  • QModManager is now compatible with Below Zero!
  • Added a Prefab Debugger to ease the creation of mods. You can open it by clicking the F9 key. If you don't like it, you can disable it from the options menu
latest releases: v4.2.1, v4.2, v4.1.4...
2 years ago