github StreamWhatYouHear/SWYH 1.5.0-beta.32
Release 1.5.0-beta.32


  • 5d2ca7fa8e800914bba3cf1aff8d13e31ffca4a3 Merge pull request #29 from Maqentaer/feature/source-select

  • 0d8591d83ccd9d8d1c17f50c348f2b5294e5e91c changed to getting only active audio device

  • 205565f2023b02e8b8fa2b87bcdb6c5281c37644 added option to select audio source (output type or input type devices)

  • 4b8c8b40f3be4b7cd25c416a34fc67b653830c75 Target platform AnyCPU

  • d65d614bc5b109c4a939764c8f194ad8a9040818 Update Inno script

  • 0853937702d4e756948ff981a0199ff884e5bd98 Remove missing Inno languages

  • 3f4d7b6dbc86609279c2e2f2dc246b03b36ff71d Include InnoSetup as Nuget package

  • 19addef18eb4147c6113306799ed7fe12a6f13a0 Fix crash on UPnP discovering

  • 0188e603427ac3394c9e0265ffb3548d859a59bd Use the same port for all network interfaces

  • fc4302051b2db44046871fcbaca04c68ce0ce98e Use SemVer for check update

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  • 28c4ac2f2cf91bcfe13bdc66ee9524a83cf16107 Update about box

  • bbca5f040abe6bda21cc2836f911c9395536a6b0 Show all listening HTTP streming URIs

  • f214fa59a15ce3d510f1346cc7f979a74653dc4c Fixes crash when getting UPnP device icon

  • 2a07bbc87dbfdc78b2068c8d16049aabe8c30ed7 Update SWYH UpnP device version

  • ef239514db2f7dd1fed8c6312b040237f4f9b0f7 Update NAudio 1.9 & MP3 lame

  • 95a865a418133876047110346ff3f33db0461b70 Update setup version

  • 77052da31c950a70be646beafbae302da8a92ed9 Use GitVersion

  • c56c9b3dc741f408a6d0fd433714ca7bda8c496f Update copyright

  • ac73a8630c061fe422c860f3049a18000abd3836 Stop the timer while it's not recording

  • 9dbffb6ca0751aaddc53bf44fed5b43c7f1fb31d Merge pull request #15 from SaiYuen/master

  • b13cf55435179347894a12e8fb9390ec509ef34a Solve the crash on startup

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