github SquitchYT/Tess 0.6.2

latest release: 0.6.3
5 months ago

Patch Note

  • General
    • Adding Config File Watcher
    • Some Design Changes & Fixes
    • Adding Floating Point Percent and Fractional Support to Progress Tracker
    • New Icons 🌟
    • Adding French Traduction to DESKTOP File 🇫🇷
    • Bug Fix 🐞
    • New Default Theme
  • Config
    • Fixing Overflow Issue with File Picker
    • Adding Filter to File Picker
    • Adding Tooltip to Show Full Path with the File Picker
  • Theme
    • Renaming default in one-dark
    • Adding new default theme
    • Adding oceanic theme

If you have used Tess before this release, pls run tess-cli -S --theme default to update the default theme! You can also download the theme one-dark to conserve the old default theme

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