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11 months ago

Patch Note

  • General
    • Fixing Code Injection Vulnerability
    • Adding Files & Folder Drag'n Dropping Support in Terminal
    • Fixing Crash When Closing Tab After Updating Option
    • Adding Progress Tracking
    • Adding Visual Indicator When Change in Background Tab
    • Adding Warning Popup When Closing Multiple Taéb at Once or With Active Process
    • improved rendering
    • Bug Fix 🐞
  • Linux
    • Custom TitleBar Button on All Major Desktop Environment
    • Adding AppImage Package
    • Adding Snapcraft Package
  • Windows
    • Compressing Portable Build
    • Fixing Crash When Opening a New Tab
    • Updating Start Menu Shortcut
    • Chocolatey Package
    • Winget Package
  • Config
    • New Option bufferSize
    • New Experimental Options
      • Progress Tracking to Enable Progress Tracker
      • Process Update Ping to Enable Visual Indicator
      • Custom TitleBar to Enable Custom Title Bar Buttons on Linux and Windows
      • Warning Popup to Enable Popup When Closing Multiple Tabs at Once
      • Popup Process Exclusion List to Define Processes Ignored by Warning Popup
    • Fixed Bug Where You Can no Longer Create a Shortcut After Deleting Them All
    • Improving Speed
    • Design Improvement
  • Extensions
    • New Themes Nordic & Belafonte-Night
    • Updating discord-rpc Plugin

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