github Spottedleaf/Starlight 0.0.2-rc3

  1. Fix chunk relighting
    In order to make relighting more reliable, move the
    emptiness map lookups to their own cache. This allows us
    to not clobber/use emptiness map values for chunks that were
    not relight during the call.
    More importantly, fix a typo where we supplied the wrong chunk
    argument to the emptiness change function for chunk neighbours -
    this caused the nibbles for the target chunk to be clobbered.

  2. Fix broken edge checks
    While edge checks are not currently used, it doesn't mean
    they should be broken. Edge checks should be able to happen
    on null nibbles for block lighting (sky lighting will not have
    nibbles marked null during edge checks).

  3. Make handleEmptySectionChanges non-relaxed serverside
    For the server, it should be that the chunks in 1 radius are
    loaded during this call.

  4. Fix incorrect neighbour nibble init logic
    We need to be copying the whole array, not just
    the first 9 values.

  5. Fix potential missed updateVisible calls
    rewriteNibbleCacheForSkylight could set a value
    in the cache to null and not update the nibble.
    Now the call will call updateVisible when
    removing nibbles from the cache.

  6. Fix skylight propagation on the -1 chunk section
    Allow sources to be set up on y=-16, and fix light
    retrieval for y < -16

latest releases: 1.0.0-RC2, 1.0.0-RC1, 0.0.3...
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