github Spottedleaf/Starlight 0.0.2-rc2

  1. Finish mixin cleanup
    No longer screw around with serverside scheduling, should
    improve compatibility with mods that like to do that.

Add at-reason to at-Overwrites

Move client mixins to own package

  1. Re-schedule block changes to the main thread

  2. Fix typo for serialized data (versiom -> version)

  3. Clean up skylight propagation code
    Delaying the block sets is now a parameter in the general
    propagate method, and move the delay logic to no longer use a flag
    but to rather call a method later.

So far 0.0.2 looks good, will probably go on CF in the coming
weeks (provided there are no severe issues).

latest releases: 1.0.0-RC2, 1.0.0-RC1, 0.0.3...
pre-release5 months ago