github Spottedleaf/Starlight 0.0.2-rc1

Full text:
Optimise chunk sky generation
TLDR optimised a bit.

New system for managing skylight
TLDR skylight system more similar to vanilla, so we now scale a lot better with respect to world height (and are ready for 1.17 levels of worldheight!). Format is incompatible with vanilla, so we force vanilla to relight starlight's chunks.

Cleanup some of the mixins
TLDR just general code cleanup.

Fix propagation & render issues
Skylight generation was broken when blocks were on the
y-border for the highest non-empty chunk section. This
has since been fixed.
Not queueing neighbour chunksections to be re-rendered
in some edge cases has since been fixed.

Fix some mod compatibility issues
Apparently some mods create instances of the lighting
provider with a null world. Allow null worlds.
Some problems still exist, as I think some mods are being
naughty and calling setBlockState off of the main thread.
Tuinity's changes will need to be ported to fix this.

If 0.0.2 proves to be without issue, it can go on curseforge.

latest releases: 1.0.0-RC2, 1.0.0-RC1, 0.0.3...
pre-release5 months ago