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What's Changed


  • Fix possible NullRef in Email Encryption migration by @mynameisbogdan in #6399
  • Fixed: Migrating subtitle files with unexpectedly large number at end by @markus101 in #6410
  • New: Add size to more history events by @markus101 in #6400
  • Fixed: Parsing Hungarian anime releases by @markus101 in #6401
  • New: Add recycle bin path for deleted episodes to webhook/custom script by @markus101 in #6402
  • New: Added some extra pixels to grouped calendar events by @markus101 in #6403
  • New: Add download client name to pending items waiting for a specific client by @markus101 in #6404
  • New: Expand seasons with all episodes having missing air dates by @mynameisbogdan in #6397
  • fix translation in CF Spec by @stevietv in #6398
  • Display database migration version in Status by @mynameisbogdan in #6394
  • Fixed: Sorting by name in Manage Indexer and Download Client modals by @mynameisbogdan in #6406
  • New: Optionally remove from queue by changing category to 'Post-Import Category' when configured by @markus101 in #6405

Full Changelog: v4.0.1.953...v4.0.1.987

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