github SonarSource/eslint-plugin-sonarjs 0.12.0

latest release: 0.13.0
4 months ago

Main changes

  • Improve no-identical-functions: add option for min function size (#325)
  • Improve no-nested-template-literals: do not report on multiline literal (#326)
  • Improve prefer-single-boolean-return: report when next statement returns boolean (#324)
  • Deactivate no-inverted-boolean and replace fix with suggestion (#322)

Many thanks to our contributors! 🥇

  • @B2o5T for improving prefer-single-boolean-return (#318)
  • @vanyaraspopov for suggesting min function size configuration for no-identical-functions (#320)

Full Changelog: 0.11.0...0.12.0

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