github SonarSonic/DrawingBotV3 v1.6.7-beta-free

7 months ago
  • Added: Group option for Masks, right-click a mask in the table with multiple selected to create a new grouped mask.
  • Added: Link Square Paths & Link Circle Paths to Pen Calibration PFM, reducing pen lifts when running tests.
  • Added: Heart as a new Shape and Mask Type.
  • Added: Support for Proxies when running with a Corporate Firewall.
  • Improved: UI Scaling on Pen Settings and Batch Processing panels.
  • Fixed: Colour Match failing to finish with "Out of range".
  • Fixed: Catmull-Roms PFM failing to finish with "testData is null".
  • Fixed: Duplicating masks creating an additional invisible mask.
  • Fixed: SVG Converter PFM handling empty paths incorrectly, resulting in export failures.
  • Fixed: SVG Converter PFM ignoring the Pen Limit when using Colour Match

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