github SonarSonic/DrawingBotV3 v1.6.13-stable-free

3 months ago
  • Added: SVG Converter - Support for SVG Gradients when Colour Match is enabled
  • Added: Extra options for SVG Converter; 'Shape Outlines', 'Gradient Angle Match' and 'Gradient Colour Match'
  • Added: 'Export Logs / Crash Reports' to the help menu, to simplify providing support / debugging
  • Added: 'Switch to SVG Converter on SVG Import' option to SVG Preferences
  • Improved: Reduced memory usage over application lifetime
  • Improved: Speed of clipping when using Masks / SVG Converter
  • Fixed: Crash on load when OpenCL Native Library is unavailable
  • Fixed: OpenGL Renderer attempting to load on devices without OpenGL 3.3+ support.
  • Fixed: SVG Converter - Using incorrect scaling in some situations
  • Fixed: Export per/pens failing when the pen names contain special characters
  • Fixed: SVG Converter - Shape clipping failing on complex SVGs
  • Fixed: Freeze/hang when switching to cm/inches when the drawing width or height is 0.0
  • Fixed: PFM not running when the drawing width/height is 0.0, now runs with default sizing: A4 paper
  • Fixed: Occasional momentary hang after a PFM has finished processing
  • Fixed: Renamed the Stabilo pen presets to match correct pen naming conventions / no special characters

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