github Softmotions/ejdb v2.0.46

latest releases: v2.72, v2.71, v2.70...
2 years ago
  • Upgraded to iowow v1.4.4
  • Added jbn_paths_compare() (jbl.h)
  • Added no_src_clone parameter jbn_copy_path (jbl.h)
  • Fixed errors found by PVS studio
  • Added two variants of jbn_detach (jbl.h)
  • Added non standard JSON patch operation: add_create (jbl.h)
  • Added jbl_from_node (jbl.h)
  • Added jbn_copy_path (jbl.h)
  • Added jbn_add_item_obj (jbl.h)
  • Added jbn_add_item_arr (jbl.h)
  • Minor refactoring of jbl module
  • Added a set of jbn_add_x (jbl.h)
  • Fixed missing parent pointer link in _jbl_add_item (jbl_json.c).
  • Added jbn_clone() (jbl.h)
  • Added checks for max nesting level of JSON objects, 1000 by default.
  • Added jbl_clone(JBL src, JBL *targetp) (jbl.h)
  • Added jbl_merge_patch_jbl(JBL jbl, JBL patch) (jbl.h)
  • Added jbl_set_string_printf() (jbl.h)
  • Added jbl_structure_size() (jbl.h)
  • Better error handling of kh_put()
  • Added jbl_clone_into_pool(JBL src, IWPOOL *pool, JBL *targetp) (jbl.h)
  • Added jbn_path_compare, jbn_path_compare_str, jbn_path_compare_bool,
    jbn_path_compare_i64, jbn_path_compare_f64 (jbl.h)

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