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OrcaSlicer V1.6.3 beta

pre-release6 days ago


New features:

  • New calibration tests, refer to WIKI for more details
  1. Retraction
  2. Orca Tolerance Test
  • Improve bridging for classical wall generator when only one wall on top surface is used.

  • Fan Speed Delay + Fan Kickstart Feature by @scottmudge
    This feature enables the fan to start earlier than its target start time in order to compensate for the fan kick-in time.

  • Support full_fan_speed_layer feature #85
    Fan speed will be ramped up linearly from zero at layer to maximum at layer full_fan_speed_layer

  • Number of slow layers #796
    The first few layers are printed slower than normal. The speed is gradually increased in a linear fashion over the specified number of layers.

  • Support interface fan speed #881
    This fan speed is enforced during all support interfaces, to be able to weaken their bonding with a high fan speed.

  • Streamlined WIKI Publish. Many thanks to @chrisribe

  • Merge BambuStudio v1.6.2 beta changes, including:

  • Advanced cut with connectors: Thanks to @prusa3d for implementing this cool feature, and Bambu for porting it.
  • Support for height range modifiers: Users can now add multiple height range modifiers to apply different settings.
  • Support for sinking and slicing only the model part above the hot bed.

Newly supported printer models:

Special thanks to @fr3ak2402 for creating numerous printer profiles 👍

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue acceleration being set when disabled in PA line calibration by @mikebcbc
  • Optimized M106 command, write integer number instead of float
  • Fixed an issue that OrcaSlicer can't open previously generated gcode/.3mf file #712 #958
  • Fixed a regression: Generic filament profiles conflicts #981
  • Fixed a regression in layer time(log) view
  • Fixed an issue that Orcaslicer didn't jumping to device tab after sending job #520 #567 #1044 #1047
  • Fix build warnings, update deprecated boost headers by @scottmudge in #1035
  • fix 2 script windows by @hliebscher in #926


Known issues:

*The only one wall on top surface option in Arachne wall generator only applies to the topmost surface.


1. Please check here for installation instructions.
2. If your profiles didn't show up after updating, please restart OrcaSlicer
3. Klipper users, please update Moonraker to the latest version so that it can recognize OrcaSlicer and parse metadata like thumbnails.
4. If you're running Klipper, please add the following configuration to your printer.cfg file.

# Enable object exclusion

# Enable arcs support
resolution: 0.1

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