github Semantic-Org/Semantic-UI-React v1.1.0

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🐛 Bug Fix

  • #4006 fix(Dropdown): compute proper selectedIndex in multiple (@layershifter)
  • #4004 fix(Dropdown): handle keyboard events for arrows, space and enter keys locally (@layershifter)
  • #3938 fix(Search): fix an error when showNoResults=false and arrow down is pressed (@ysugimoto)
  • #3785 fix(Search): merge nested shorthand props for the element (@noinkling)
  • #3998 fix(Portal): throw an error if React.Fragment passed as trigger (@layershifter)
  • #3995 fix(Accordion): update typings to include AccordionPanel on static props (@layershifter)
  • #3901 fix(FormFiled): pass id when contains child elements or has content prop (@srotbart)

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