github Segs/Segs v0.7.0

latest release: nightly
4 years ago

With new and exciting features:

  • Tasks
  • Waypoints
  • Lua Scripting of simple mission like "hide-and-seek" and "timed races"
  • Contacts
  • Stores (test with LuaBot)
  • Clues/Souvenirs
  • Spawn Pedestrians, Cars, Blimps, Contacts, Basic Encounters (in Outbreak, Atlas Park, King's Row, Steel Canyon, Skyway City, Talos Island, Independence Port, Perez Park, Boomtown and Dark Astoria)
  • Door Transfers
  • Map Zone Line Transfers
  • Full Email Support
  • Preliminary Powers (Pew Pew Pew!)
  • AdminRPC and RPC support
  • SEGSAdmin improvements
  • DBTool Improvements, including DB version migrations
  • Output log improvements
  • Many improvements to how we store/load characters and data from the database.
  • Tailor Window (pkt 88)
  • Multiple Costumes and Costume Slots
  • Additional Lua hooks
  • Further code cleanups and optimizations
  • Bug Fixes

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