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The Unsilencer has come

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5 years ago

A 0.5.0 release is here.

Latest Changes:

  • Completely new SEGSAdmin GUI tool to faciliate simple server setup
  • Periodic state saves to database for Character/Player data permanence. Player Spawns now work properly too!
  • NPC Spawns! Static NPCs such as police drones and contacts now spawn from client files
  • Generator NPCs! Server now properly recognizes NPC generators (spawners) from the client files. This is the first step towards spawning bad guys, cars, and pedestrians
  • Deep changes to the server architecture enabling NPC spawns, and building a framework for future enhancements

note: By default, server synchoronization of player positions have been disabled
This change removes the rubber-banding effect, but positions of other players may not be updated properly

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