github Segs/Segs v0.4.2
First public release

latest releases: nightly, v0.7.0, v0.6.1...
5 years ago


  • loads of broxen's code :D, including, but not limited to [ chat, slashcommands, entity orientation, etc]
  • minimal LUA support
  • more tooling
  • AuthExerciser - a testing utility, implementing client authorization
  • some preliminary work on client patching.
  • many new slash commands
  • Improved Player Entity database storage serialization
  • Entity state updated to reflect player orientation

Some known bugs
Client does not update database automatically, but can be done manually. See issue #271 #271
Server LoginRequest should /0 terminate strings. See issue #227 #227
Description and BattleCry do not display properly in the ID window (profile page). See Issue #191 #191
Info box does not display all information (description). See issue #192 #192
What still doesn't work (not bugs per say, but unimplemented features)
Animations are not implemented. The server is unaware of animation state, and thus other clients will not see animation changes (I can't see anyone else "run" or "fly")
Entity movement is still wonky, with rubberbanding. Need to implement entity interpolation. See issue #94 #94
Server has no sense of map geometry, so no collision detection, or gravity, etc. This is being worked on by Nemerle, and can be followed at issue #81 #81
GUI, Options and Keybinds are not saved to database. This will happen in my next big pull request (est. March 25th)
Powers are not implemented
Buffs are not yet implemented
Inspirations are not yet implemented
Contacts, NPCs, and mobiles are not yet implemented

The executables in this release were built in ReleaseWithDebugInformation mode, so are a little bit fluffy

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