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Impacket 0.9.24

latest release: impacket_0_10_0
7 months ago

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ChangeLog for 0.9.24:

  1. Library improvements

    • Fixed WMI objects parsing (@franferrax)
    • Added the RpcAddPrinterDriverEx method and related structures to [MS-RPRN]: Print System Remote Protocol (@cube0x0)
    • Initial implementation of [MS-PAR]: Print System Asynchronous Remote Protocol (@cube0x0)
    • Complying MS-RPCH with HTTP/1.1 (@mohemiv)
    • Added return of server time in case of Kerberos error (@ShutdownRepo and @Hackndo)
  2. Examples improvements

  3. New examples

As always, thanks a lot to all these contributors that make this library better every day (since last version):

@deadjakk @franferrax @cube0x0 @w0rmh013 @skelsec @mohemiv @LZD-TMoreggia @exploide @ShutdownRepo @Hackndo @snovvcrash @rmaksimov @Gifts @Rcarnus @ExAndroidDev @ly4k @p0dalirius

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