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impacket 0.9.22

18 months ago

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ChangeLog for 0.9.22:

  1. Library improvements

    • Added implementation of RPC over HTTP v2 protocol (by @mohemiv).
    • Added MS-NSPI, MS-OXNSPI and MS-OXABREF protocol implementations (by @mohemiv).
    • Improved the multi-page results in LDAP queries (by @ThePirateWhoSmellsOfSunflowers).
    • NDR parser optimization (by @mohemiv).
    • Improved serialization of WMI method parameters (by @tshmul).
    • Introduce the MS-NLMP VERSION structure in NTLMAuthNegotiate messages (by @franferrax).
    • Added some NETLOGON structs for NetrServerPasswordSet2 (by @dirkjanm).
    • Python 3.8 support.
  2. Examples improvements

    • Fixed after MS patches related to RPC attacks (by @mohemiv).
    • Added -no-pass, pass-the-hash and AES Key support for backup subcommand.
    • Added ability to enumerate targets with Kerberos KRB5CC (by @rmaksimov).
    • Added new features for kerberoasting (by @mohemiv).
      • Added ability to relay on new Windows versions that have SMB guest access disabled by default.
      • Added option to specify the NTLM Server Challenge used when receiving a connection.
      • Added relaying to RPC support (by @mohemiv).
      • Implemented WCFRelayServer (by @cnotin).
      • Added Zerologon DCSync Relay Client (by @dirkjanm).
      • Fixed issue in when relaying and creating computer in CN=Computers (by @Hackndo).
    • Added RPC over HTTP v2 support (by @mohemiv).
      • Added ability to specifically delete a shadow based on its ID (by @phefley).
      • Dump plaintext machine account password when dumping the local registry secrets(by @dirkjanm).
  3. New examples

As always, thanks a lot to all these contributors that make this library better every day (since last version):
@mohemiv @mpgn @Romounet @ThePirateWhoSmellsOfSunflowers @rmaksimov @fuzzKitty @tshmul @spinenkoia @AaronRobson @ABCIFOGeowi40 @cclauss @cnotin @5alt @franferrax @Dliv3 @dirkjanm @Mr-Gag @vbersier @phefley @Hackndo

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