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impacket 0.9.21

2 years ago

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ChangeLog for 0.9.21:

  1. Library improvements

    • New methods into CCache class to import/export kirbi (KRB-CRED) formatted tickets (by @zer1t0).
    • Add FSCTL_SRV_ENUMERATE_SNAPSHOTS functionality to SMBConnection (by @rxwx).
    • Changes in NetBIOS classes in (select() by poll() read from socket) (by @cnotin).
    • Timestamped logging added.
    • Interactive shell to perform LDAP operations (by @mlefebvre).
    • Added two DCE/RPC calls in (by @mohemiv).
    • Single-source the version number and standardize on symantic + pre-release + local versioning (by @jsherwood0).
    • Added implementation for keytab files (by @kcirtapw).
    • Added SMB 3.1.1 support for Client SMB Connections.
  2. Examples improvements

    • List the VSS snapshots for a specified path (by @rxwx).
    • Added delegation information associated with accounts (by @G0ldenGunSec).
      • Added more functions to decrypt masterkeys based on SID + hashes/key. Also support supplying hashes instead of the password for decryption(by @dirkjanm).
      • Pass the hash support for backup key retrieval (by @imaibou).
      • Added feature to decrypt a user's masterkey using the MS-BKRP (by @imaibou).
    • Added a new flag to specify the RID of a user to dump credentials (by @0xdeaddood).
    • Added flags to bypass badly made detection use cases (by @MaxNad):
      • Possibility to rename the PSExec uploaded binary name with the -remote-binary-name flag.
      • Possibility to use another service name with the -service-name flag.
      • Added a flag to use a SID as the escalate user for delegation attacks(by @0xe7).
      • Support for dumping LAPS passwords (by @praetorian-adam-crosser).
      • Added LDAP interactive mode that allow an attacker to manually perform basic operations like creating a new user, adding a user to a group , dump the AD, etc. (by @mlefebvre).
      • Support for multiple relays through one SMB connection (by @0xdeaddood).
      • Added support for dumping gMSA passwords (by @cube0x0).
    • Added an option to use the SPNs keys from a keytab for a silver ticket.(by @kcirtapw)
  3. New Examples

    • Allows add a computer to a domain using LDAP or SAMR (SMB) (by @jagotu)
    • This script converts kirbi files, commonly used by mimikatz, into ccache files used by Impacket, and vice versa (by @zer1t0).
    • Simple script to quickly list all delegation relationships (unconstrained, constrained, resource-based constrained) in an AD environment (by @G0ldenGunSec).

As always, thanks a lot to all these contributors that make this library better every day (since last version):

@jagotu, @zer1t0 ,@rxwx, @mpgn, @danhph, @awsmhacks, @slasyz, @cnotin, @exploide, @G0ldenGunSec, @dirkjanm, @0xdeaddood, @MaxNad, @imaibou, @BarakSilverfort, @0xe7, @mlefebvre, @rmaksimov, @praetorian-adam-crosser, @jsherwood0, @mohemiv, @justin-p, @cube0x0, @spinenkoia, @kcirtapw, @MrAnde7son, @fridgehead, @MarioVilas.

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