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Impacket 0.10.0

20 days ago

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ChangeLog for 0.10.0:

  1. Library improvements

    • Dropped support for Python 2.7.
    • Refactored the testing infrastructure (@martingalloar):
      • Added pytest as the testing framework to organize and mark test cases. Tox remain as the automation framework, and for measuring code coverage.
      • Custom bash scripts were replaced with test cases auto-discovery.
      • Local and remote test cases were marked for easy run and configuration.
      • DCE/RPC endpoint test cases were refactored and moved to a new layout.
      • An initial testing guide with the main steps to prepare a testing environment and run them.
      • Fixed a good amount of DCE/RPC endpoint test cases that were failing.
      • Added tests for [MS-PAR], [MS-RPRN], CCache and DPAPI.
    • Added a function to compute the Netlogon Authenticator at client-side in [MS-NRPC] (@0xdeaddood)
    • Added [MS-DSSP] protocol implementation (@simondotsh)
    • Added GetDriverDirectory functions to [MS-PAR] and [MS-RPRN] (@raithedavion)
    • Refactored the Credential Cache:
      • Added new parseFile function to (@rmaksimov)
      • Added support for loading CCache Version 3 (@reznok)
      • Modified fromKRBCRED function used to load a Kirbi file (@0xdeaddood)
      • Fixed Ccache to Kirbi conversion (@ShutdownRepo)
    • Fixed default NTLM server challenge in smbserver (@rtpt-jonaslieb)
  2. Examples improvements

  3. New examples

As always, thanks a lot to all these contributors that make this library better every day (since last version):

@rmaksimov @simondotsh @CCob @raithedavion @SAERXCIT @Maltemo @dirkjanm @reznok @ShutdownRepo @scopedsecurity @Tw1sm @nodauf @p0dalirius @zblurx @hugo-syn @capnkrunchy @mohemiv @mpgn @rtpt-jonaslieb @snovvcrash @Alef-Burzmali @ThePirateWhoSmellsOfSunflowers @jlvcm

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