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Nro2Nsp 3.3.2 Stable

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4 years ago

v3.3.2 Stable

  • Added "Custom Keys Path" to load keys from your own path
  • Fixed keys file missing error from Resources folder
  • (Keys.dat, Keys.txt, and prod.keys) now all supported
  • Added Help icons on main page and settings page for help with use/settings
  • Added "Key Generation" setting in Settings menu
  • Added LinkLabel theming
  • Fixed "Settings.xml" loading error
  • Added "Icon Database" LinkLabel to community collection link
  • Removed "Old Style Title Id" From setings
  • Updated Keys Template file
  • Added delcared path checking on the app side

Plus the addtion of the following beta features

v3.3.2 Beta 4:

  • Added basic theming
  • Added settings.xml that will export saved settings so saved values will not need to be changed each update
  • Settings will be saved to /user/appdata/roaming/Nro2Nsp/settings.xml if it fails to write there then
    it will be saved at ./Resources/setting.xml
  • Settings will load from /user/appdata/roaming/Nro2Nsp/settings.xml or ./Resources/setting.xml
    (./Resources/ takes priority)
  • Added export settings link in settings menu
  • Fixed default rom paths.xml to follow Retroarch Ultimate Pack (Credits: jnackmclain)
  • Even more Logos (Credits: JAS, jnackmclain, Jafece)
  • Added [] around title id for use with nut gui
  • keys.dat can be loaded from ./Resources/ folder or Drive:/Users/user/AppData/Roaming/Nro2Nsp/
    (./Resources/ takes priority)

v3.3.2 Beta 3:

  • Fixed Hbmenu Forwarder would crash when exiting a loaded nro
  • Fixed Logs deleting/missing build information
  • Added more logos in logo folder (Credits: JAS, jnackmclain, Jafece)
  • Fixed Logo error when build failed and another build was attempted
  • Minor stabilty tweaks

v3.3.2 Beta 2:

  • Changed "set logos as default" to a check box instead of a diaglog box
  • "No logo" option now sets icons to black in logo menu
  • Code clean up
  • Small changes to update notifications

v3.3.2 Beta 1:

  • Added application update notifcations with downloading (beta/stable setting - beta is enabled by default)
  • Fixed Icon loss of quality even if conversion isnt required
  • Can import .nro data from Icon box now (either icon only or icon and all meta)
  • Added changelog option with update notification
  • Added Logo Menu in settings
  • Added version checks
  • Various loggger additions
  • Added Logos to Logo folder (Credits: JAS, jnackmclain, Jafece)

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