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3.3.0 Release

latest releases: 3.3.6Beta4, 3.3.6Beta3, 3.3.6Beta2...
4 years ago


  • Fixed lockup when selecting (+) on forwarder nro when loaded in the background
  • Devkitpro no longer needed (Thanks Natinusala)
  • Retroarch rom forwarders now supported (Thanks Natinusala)
  • Tweaks to NACP and NPDM building
  • Added core database (./Resources/cores.xml)
  • Added rom path database (./Resources/pahts.xml)
  • Fixed directory cleaning
  • Fixed special characters displaying as (?) -- Limtied to Switchs Character Library
  • Fixed crash if icon was set and then an icon was loaded from a .nro
  • Will only clear the icon if build is successful
  • Fixed rolling id would count when build failed
  • Custom error handling, no more crashes for incorrect paths (Nothing fancy but you shouldnt normally see this)

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