github Redocly/redoc v2.0.0-rc.33

Bug Fixes

  • default style and explode for params (633d712), closes #1016
  • fix contrast ratio for response titles (47c6319)
  • fix expand variable for vars with hyphens or dots (0904b3f), closes #926
  • make dropdowns accessible by keyboard (e8a0d10)
  • make endpoint dropdown accessible (3d25005)
  • make properties focusable (05fd754)
  • make response sections focusable (442014c)
  • make sample controls focusable (006031c)
  • update focus styling (30a27c1)


  • add maxDisplayedEnumValues config and buttons for show/hide enums (#1322) (a2b018d)
  • array size info based on min max Items properties (#1308) (644e96a)
  • new option sortEnumValuesAlphabetically (#1321) (a96a11a)
latest releases: v2.0.0-rc.39, v2.0.0-rc.40, v2.0.0-rc.38...
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