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v3.0 Release Preview 3

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pre-release18 months ago

Only patches icons and installs themes. Extras are not implemented. This preview is just to get user feedback on icon patching and theme implementation. DONT INSTALL THIS ON YOUR MAIN, ITS A PRE-RELEASE, IT TENDS TO BE BUGGY (Might get extra buggy on arm64).

Changes since previous RP:

  • Fixed addressbar issues
  • Implemented themes
  • Some more new icons


  • Run Rectify11installer.exe
  • Alt-f4 can actually close the installer while its working, keep it in mind.
  • To change themes, you MUST use the "Change Themes" options given in Control panel -> Appearance and Themes.
  • If you find any bugs, be sure to report them to Rectify11 Discord server:

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