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🚀 Features

  • support web standard modules (0c8eaf7e6)
  • ⚠️ observable (Symbol): remove Symbol.observable export (#4466, #7361)
  • ⚠️ Subject.create: Removed the deprecated Subject.create method. (d62ce6ebe)
  • ⚠️ WebSocketSubject: no longer extends Subject. (54f2f6ed1)
  • webSocket: now allows input and output typing to differ (c408acda1)

🩹 Fixes

  • TestScheduler: explicit unsubscribe works properly with toEqual (#7403)
  • config: onStoppedNotification and onUnhandledError will now always async dispatch (#7344)
  • fromEvent: fromEvent now handles symbols as event names (#7339)
  • fromEvent: passing a generic parameter is no longer deprecated (#7406)

⚠️ Breaking Changes

  • observable (Symbol): observable (the Symbol.observable symbol instance) is no longer exported. Use a polyfill like symbol-observable, or use Symbol.observable ?? '@@observable' as a workaround."
  • Subject.create: Removed the deprecated Subject.create method. If you need to create an object that is "half Observable, half Observer", you'll need to either bolt next, error, and complete handlers onto an Observable and property type the return... or you'll need to create your own class that is backed by an Observable. In any case, if the Observer and the Observable are so unrelated that you have to bolt them together, you're probably better off with those two objects separately. This is why Subject.create has been deprecated for so long.
  • WebSocketSubject: WebSocketSubject is no longer instanceof Subject. Check for instanceof WebSocketSubject instead.

❤️ Thank You

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