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RainbowMiner v4.8.9.4

12 days ago

Update release


  • update miner BzMiner to v15.1.0 (amd,intel,nvidia)
  • update miner CcminerVerus to v3.8.3 (nvidia)
  • update miner CpuminerVerus to v3.8.3 (cpu)
  • update miner Gminer to v3.40 (amd,nvidia)
  • update miner Lolminer to v1.76 (amd,nvidia)
  • update miner Nanominer to v3.8.0 (amd,cpu,intel,nvidia)
  • update miner Rigel to v1.4.7 (nvidia)
  • update miner SrbminerMulti to v2.2.8 (amd,cpu,intel,nvidia)
  • update miner Nanominer
    • disable Verushash on Luckpool (issue #2370)
  • update miner SrbMinerMulti
    • disable Verushash on Luckpool (#2370)


  • update pool FlexPool
    • remove ZIL (delisted from pool)
    • remove *FP algorithm substitutes


  • update ethdagsizes.json
  • update MinerAPIs.psm1
    • switch to web-API for nanominer
  • update minersha256.json
  • update minerupdatedb.json
  • update poolsinfo.json
  • set all unknown coins to mininum 1GB / Ethash2g (issue #2368)
  • update algorithms.json


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