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To receive further Pre-Release updates for a non-docker installation, please change the branch to develop. (Settings -> General (Show Advanced Settings) -> Updates -> Branch)

If you are using docker you will need to update the container image. Do not attempt to update Radarr within an existing docker container.


  • fa68047 Automated API Docs update
  • 2e25277 Remove unused imports
  • fd76d67 Remove empty constructors
  • 156def3 New: Advanced settings toggle in indexer edit/add modal [ #8538 ]
  • 9175c73 New: Add path mapping for partial library updates in Plex Server Notifications [ #8539 ]
  • 19a1f97 Add forceSave to the OpenAPI docs [ #8538 ]
  • 1125503 Fixed: Use indexer errors from response if Content-Type is XML before processing response
  • 574d1c8 Fixed: Log name of mount point failure
  • 3feaee2 Sort tags by label [ #8531 ]
  • bb77538 Fix checking for SameTorrent when the indexer is null
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  • 731db1a New: Add TmdbId and ImdbId to manual import movie selection [ #8483 ]
  • fe76cbf Avoid double movie fetch on UI load
  • 695cab3 Translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil)) [skip ci]
  • e1d7668 Fixed: (Notifications) Calculate mapped path in Plex only when MapTo is not empty
  • 24bd2ae Log path in MediaFileAttributeService
  • 42267da Fixed: List Sync Help Text [ #8522 ]
  • a28b9ce Automated API Docs update
  • 48b9bb9 Fix validation for boolean query parameters [ #8517 ]
  • 10bb8fa Use string interpolation in formatBytes [ #8519 ]
  • 588c8fb New: Plex Watchlist RSS support
  • f14482c Use QualityProfile instead of any [ #8493 ]
  • 7ff48a1 Bump version to 4.5.2
  • 84bf30d Fixed: Prevent unknown settings implementation from failing to deserialize
  • 8b291d9 Cleanup distribution files

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