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Qv2ray Release 2.0

Qv2ray 2.0 正式版,建议所有用户下载此次更新
Qv2ray 2.0 Release, all users are recommended to update Qv2ray this time.

恭祝各位用户新春快乐 Happy Chinese New Year!

经过了将近 5 个月的修修补补,我们终于发布了 Qv2ray 正式版本 v2, 此版本包含了大量功能更新,解决了数个在 v1 时代残留的问题,同时感谢各位对 Qv2ray 的帮助与支持。
After fixing and testing for nearly 5 months, we are proud to release the final version of Qv2ray 2.0, which contains lots of fixes and solved issues that were left behind in the v1 era. Thanks for supporting Qv2ray

对于使用中的问题,欢迎阅读 Qv2ray wiki
Welcome to read the Qv2ray wiki at

如何选择 libqvb 和 gRPC 版本? How to choose between libqvb version and gRPC version?

我们建议 Windows 用户使用 gRPC 结尾的编译文件,macOS 和 Linux用户选择 libqvb 的文件
We suggest that Windows users choose gRPC builds, and that macOS / Linux users choose libqvb builds.

请注意:libqvb 版本会在连接时产生1秒左右的卡顿,但是错误的grpc版本(1.26)会使 Qv2ray 完全卡死,请您自行选择。
Note: It is known that libqvb builds will freeze GUI for about one second upon connecting to a host, but buggy gRPC will deadlock your GUI forever. Choose wisely.

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