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[RC1] Qv2ray v2.0 RC1 预览版1

This is a RC version of Qv2ray, it contains bug fixes and new features, but unknown bugs as well, if you want to use the stable release version instead, please click ignore.
这是 Qv2ray 的发布预览版本,它包含一定的错误,修补和新功能,但是也可能有部分未经测试的漏洞。

A new Wiki system has been developed, please go to:

Known bug in this version:

When using a complex connection config, the statistics will not work properly and the speed chart will not render correctly, you will see “the API is not working properly please check the core status.”
当使用复杂连接配置的时候,API系统将无法正常工作,该问题的现象是主窗口中的速度图表无法正常显示,并且您会收到一条通知,称“ API系统无法工作,请检查核心是否正常运行”

The Change log will be released in the final version.

latest releases: v2.7.0-pre1, v2.7.0-alpha1, v2.6.3...
13 months ago