github Quick/Quick v1.1.0

This release works with Xcode 8.2 + Swift 3.

New Features

  • Adds `fitBehavesLike to allow focusing of specific instantiations of shared examples (Thanks @wongzigii)
  • Add SwiftPM support on macOS (Thanks @ikesyo)
  • Add Documentation about Shared Examples in Portuguese (Thanks @pedrovereza)


  • SharedExampleContext is now [String: Any] instead of NSDictionary (Thanks @devdrey)
  • Better conformance to SwiftLint (Thanks @ikesyo, @wongzigii)


  • Quick no longer prints warnings if SwiftLint is not installed (Thanks @wongzigii)
  • Fix bug where Quick didn't work with test bundles with non-c99 valid identifiers (Thanks @MP0w)
latest releases: v4.0.0, v3.1.2, v3.1.1...
4 years ago