github Quick/Quick v0.9.1

This release supports Xcode 7.2 and the Swift package manager from 2.2-SNAPSHOT-2016-01-11-a.


Since v0.5.1, Quick displayed incredibly long test names in the Xcode test navigator. Although the names were a little hard to read, they were necessary in order to make sure examples with duplicate names were still run correctly (see the full discussion of the issue here). Now, thanks to @abbeycode, test names are dramatically shorter and easier to read, and Quick still behaves properly even when identical example names are used.

When two or more examples share the same name, such as "it_is_an_example", Quick now uses test names such as "it_is_an_example", "it_is_an_example_2", "it_is_an_example_3", and so on.

latest releases: v4.0.0, v3.1.2, v3.1.1...
5 years ago