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Proxyman 4.8.0: Introduce Bypass Proxy List and Test Your Rule Tool 💎

17 days ago


  • Introduce the Bypass Proxy List for the SSL Proxying List.
  • Introduce the "Test your Rule" feature that helps you to easily test your Wildcard/Regex Rule with a list of URLs


  • Add TLS information to the Summary Tab, including the ALPN, TLS Version, Supported Cipher suites, Negotiated Cipher Suites
  • [Map Remote] Add 2 advanced options: Preserve the Host Header and Preserve the URL
  • [Scripting] Support both request.comment and response.comment
  • [Body] Support Tab Width (2 or 4)
  • [cURL] Add option disable Content-Length in copy curl
  • [proxyman-cli] Able to turn on / off the Proxy-State via proxyman-cli


  • Fixed: Undo/Redo does not work with the URL Textfield in the Compose View
  • Fixed: [Repeat Tool] Could not repeat a request with an invalid server certificate


Proxyman with Test your Rule feature

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