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  • 0519304 Add tests for normalizing IMDb IDs in ReleaseSearchService
  • eba5413 Format ImdbId to 7 digits in ReleaseSearchService [ #1679 ]
  • cc2f505 New: Show tags in Applications and Notifications index
  • 450c6d7 Fixed: (Cardigann) Ignore disabled or unchecked inputs in login
  • bdc0178 Limit ESLint configuration to this project
  • aa97058 Fixed: (XSpeeds) Update categories
  • 7559a87 Automated API Docs update
  • 6a7fe30 Fixed: Use indexer errors from response if Content-Type is XML before processing response
  • 2b0f4e1 Add forceSave to the OpenAPI docs (#1670)
  • 4a5a986 Replace UC preset with VC
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  • 38ae17a Fixed: (GreatPosterWall) Fetch latest 50 releases when using grouped torrents
  • 9a72da2 Fixed: Log name of mount point failure
  • 3bba76c Simplify new expression for Newznab categories (#1669)
  • 47ceabc Replace API request with indexer request
  • 48bb319 Fixed: (Cardigann) Check redirect for /login.php
  • 4c4ebdf Fixed: (Gazelle) Don't use usetoken=0 when UseFreeleechToken is not enabled [ #1668 ]
  • b5706a0 Remove not in use ContentType header for auth requests for AvistaZ
  • d946ef4 Convert method to static that doesn't use instance data
  • 48ec5bb Translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil))
  • 2bcdae4 Fixed: (HDTorrents) Use Accept Html for indexer requests
  • 541b8b4 Increase Request Timeout in Download File [ #1655 ]
  • 8dd79c3 Translated using Weblate (Indonesian)
  • 615b85f Translated using Weblate (French)
  • ceab19c Fixed: Provider health checks persist after add until next scheduled check
  • 3d61719 Log removal of invalid definitions as warnings
  • befb354 Add minimum length as const in ApiKeyValidationCheck
  • 10bbaee Update UI dependencies
  • 131550b Add inset to stylelintrc
  • 5f83da9 Remove unused babel plugins and fix build with profiling
  • 1ca8ff5 Update all relevant dev tool deps
  • 061a0c0 Add VSCode extension recommendations
  • 4cc2706 Move vscode settings to the frontend folder
  • 3269183 Delete various old config files
  • 48977de Add Pull Request Labeler [ #1658 ]
  • 34fbb3e Use await using in async methods
  • d38f261 Remove unused imports
  • ecc5439 Enforce code style on build
  • 795274e Remove empty constructors
  • eb96fbe Fixed: (AnimeTorrents) Add current time of day if date added is today
  • 2f1fb39 Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN))
  • 20c085a Fix migration running in PostgreSQL
  • 4990e53 Fixed: AudioBookBay removed
  • f8111ac Automated API Docs update
  • cb1fd39 API key improvements
  • 5e9094b Fixed: custom script error when importing some downloads
  • 746d84c Why rename many files when few file do trick
  • bbe3241 GracePeriod not Graceperiod
  • a86aa4c New: On Health Restored notification
  • a753f72 New: Send additional information with Webhook and Custom Scripts
  • 2028361 New: Add application URL to host configuration settings
  • 1a5e41d Translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil))
  • e1d0e2c Log invalid config file exceptions [ #1648 ]
  • 92e7a38 Fixed: (Rarbg) Move check response by status code to parser
  • 008f238 New: Only add version header for API requests
  • 4012504 New: Add token authentication for notifications

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