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  • c2c12297bd64a76e88d68c2e84b47a8449107797 Fixed: Persist columns for search page
  • 81cbdab5eb94a59163c5913b1e1df2f8b8143242 New: (Indexer) SubsPlease Alt Links
  • 9ee5a3e94bba7d92cfe8a239e5b9978aec88d573 Translated using Weblate (Hungarian) (#300)
  • a570fd2a8f138fb89c5b0ae43ddb7919f6bf26e3 New: Advanced settings toggle in indexer edit/add modal
  • 5cffb10e08d27e7cf73edb277ee071531e6ddf04 Fixed: If no categories are passed in, flag up a unknown error (#311)
  • b11bf284dc9d21d9c076a20fce3ef26a27b6a360 New: (IPTorrents) Add freeleech only option [ #314 ]
  • 5c4c042b2e3d647bd0992d8bba8f5847e9b0f92e Updated movieService reference for App Sync Profile Service dependency on Indexer Factory
  • 79b910a80ca6fe81c505e33468c215c82db42dfe Fixed: Cleanse BHD APIKey from logs
  • dd3c9c268e8430c6f3cae8e304626cac6d5c95ae allow empty categories on indexer search
  • 725f738ee1f511c73ccadbdc6ee6914aa7c9990e Fixed: Clarify redirect wording
  • e45f88473cacf5d6b5b5b7787263c2876186b949 Fixed: (Anthelion) Null BaseUrl and better error message on auth fail [ #295 ]
  • 889591d0b15e35af6c583b6c6c5db9ecc4ce6f49 Fixed: (HDSpace) Use query params
  • fe8247df8aea027f98673b7a5f0e9452b0f2cb85 Fixed: (HDSpace) Auth failure and Name
  • eea5c3e9a4f65530578d84b43596100f71018de7 Fixed: Cleanse Pwd from logs
  • f55493c9a9715c0a5c347a9855566861d2457076 New: (Indexer) HD-Space
  • 79618adaf98395ddc9f1085492cdba9886a9fb1f New: (Indexer) Add IPTorrents Alt Links
  • af13d6ed80b9e16df179a2b6fee714c7e5da762a Fixed: Not using correct BaseUrl if changed between tests
  • 38c09277d9c5215c41b31939ada22f627983c57d New: Alternative Site Links

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