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  • dfb254d2dcd1ef79b58cbcf1b088199c3a4203c3 Fixed: Default Branch is now Develop

  • 07c03b0a12cf325855e012c83d221c92a9950be9 Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)

  • eb0cf2d5f696c6402222c88947442a110ed6a1e0 bug update [skip ci]

  • 69c04ebe7a524f05813b5fb8eb93be7bada3f65b Translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil))

  • 135db6d2ff0fb2f346dfb0912be08e4b9dff4da5 Fixed: Cleanse additional AuthKey instances in logs

  • c3deace9e62e59432e740d0b5047ac6b974e926f Fixed: Incorrectly cleansing usetoken param

  • 9042594b14202ea4c0ae05e93f6c08be3a9c4b3f Update FUNDING.yml to include GitHub sponsors

  • 44df0f5c3d9eb891e4874daf7d21955193e3df18 Fixed: NZBGet Settings hint mentions Sabnzbd

  • 7b9446eb3555d90a31bed115105390444d68ec2c fix template formatting [skip ci]

  • c6b6daaf80669b032a521062bba131294b56a32d Fixed: (Cardigann) DoLogin if search returns HttpError [ #271 ]

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  • 3b42b6a7e00fbca7c48afeb670ca6f736a9ae4ba Fixed: (BHD) Treat Limited Freeleech as Freeleech

  • b6238f469cfd3f84e4b7185a8351631e6751de91 Fixed: (Orpheus) Use default Gazelle download links

  • ae00c3aa6b5175f328585da3048866800ba8e17e Fixed: Cardigann redirect message

  • 8bf9d1b016f217635b331dfc323ebf681d027d97 fix port [skip ci]

  • 19ed7aa804a5443eba325111d52c8961bf09713f Fixed: QueryString parsing for Cardigann failing

  • 4d129ada95dbfaa13582da55b03cf315fa5c66bf Fixed: (Gazelle) Not using freeleech token correctly [ #258 ]

  • 4ec8ea0e4d1ce56658405e8ea6550ace892fec21 fixup bug report to note hidden text [skip ci]

  • bd79d3c828944c4911b6473f4e913cb757d223a9 Fixed: Cardigann Indexer Descriptions & Indexer InfoLinks

  • 7fb6c539d4a7aebd9a75559d425e913a203f32e2 Fixed: Require PID for AvistaZ indexers

  • 7f6fa2efbe9c2e86e234c80e345a5b6ccf1d1169 Fixed: Newznab trying to test caps when disabled [ #226 ]

  • b1727d9d91b676bafbfe2d45954ae388c4e1d4a7 Fixed: Set Download/Upload factors for Rarbg [ #234 ]

  • 3435d9db6e5b44e8a6a228eabe756ec32232c840 New: Allow users to use custom ymls

  • 8e597c8179136cb94794d716888c556f4d790f1c Fixed: Allow redirect and set referer for Anthelion

  • 80ec66514e3cf0fde7290d8d57a0c08e7479d943 change wiki links from wikjs to wiki endpoint

  • 88e677d973358d0f5505f5b48e3fb1ec5e113e7d Translated using Weblate (German)

  • a00f32c5081c571328a945743781abe65889f30a read me updates [skip ci]

  • 538db52d16c4eed5cc7e38b2aed27dd4fa773f24 Fixed: Correct Password and Username field Privacy

  • 1ce7b0e56eb2fe17e1806e01707583be646ec534 New: (Indexer) Newznab preset for NZBNDX api

  • 87d91a0f15154c5f33327e242820fe11936cfc57 Fixed: Support both old and new UNIT3D Id params (#244)

  • 61c1e934a521c7503dd85baebceb7a17b80ea161 New: Handle Freeleech flag at IndexerBase

  • 97b09335df0cb8c53e5de77cd410c7dc3d222605 fixup Anthelion category parse

  • 5e34fd2a9f5f29d75afdd51c36bf7e167e0c17d8 New: (Indexer) Anthelion

  • 7e620bd15618d9740ee2b58db7f681aa8ae76578 New: (Indexer) ShowRss

  • a97b801b245ce04d29afc8bea734d5e472abd015 New: (Indexer) GazelleGames

  • 9e64acd4072c7c975d348beba4fbfe49d2bdfdfb fix supported wikijs link

  • f72269f91b3bfaf22045395ca357cb59345da258 fix(SpeedApp): correct status code check

  • 94d7f768a1841703cfce454ce3ebaa7d161ad689 feat(Indexer): add SpeedApp C# indexer

  • 78cdc78cf93e7dd3e29598f95af95498ce8fa72d indexer request method changes [skip ci]

  • 2fc1257f424d8cbd3c9a0155ff4ae17e77255c49 Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN))

  • 210311cb38ca7d209feacacff8db7f54a1c4277c last fixup... [skip ci]

  • 9d7ec893148e092c92e8791c747871c62140f17e fixups... [skip ci]

  • 9c279701a61179d63c2049146aff8af68209cca3 update indexer template - no links [skip ci]

  • 743e2e9b218e3bf3baf1fb9516834e9e84a27e01 Update

  • 4a8daea940480790e0924a903e17d34e655688fe Update

  • bd90b74c12b7f9205673c34f6db77902f7a66f4b Attempt to fix ZonaQ Auth

  • 4dff0c075a2d80334a10408d36d537d84ae53a2d Log cleanse for passwrd form param

  • b8f57507ddffcc2dcf5b165cfd1e754d24efb5a8 Update

  • 61bfa9e7ed6b7cead09dd0598f70d6b91f076df6 New: Better Application Tests

  • bbea256c854033ca7a9fbbdacee8886c5a5dcd4b Fixed: Dynamic page size for Cardigann search path paging

  • 5a1186639e5e4d3a3a9bb879e56a84ed39ecb827 Fixed: Cookie set for Cardigann cookie indexers

  • a8f2700fe6d55771dd2a01173776a51d841c0b7c Sort average response times

  • eeec505182f879fde8d9e28cde18a7717fcd204f Fixed: Remove Camel Case DB Converter for Cookies (#223)

  • 66dc53b92f3afee2244f4cc440952c49b257fdd8 Fixed: Remove Defunct Indexer - Usenet - NZBs2GO (#216) [ #214 ]

  • 334f3514df05858c4779ede1cd8b4531f9100d78 Cleanup conversion script issues

  • 6ce35f6a24bf81b23cf0c981cff24673ebfa2e28 Fix Nebulance Settings copy paste issues

  • f6a5f887ceb75e72a7751cc99551d9b82abcaa2b New: Convert Shareisland to use API

  • bc90415394e1c0b757bb818de063d589f1c89f31 New: (Indexer) Nebulance

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