github Prevter/FloatTool v.1.5.0
CSFloat API fix, more bugfixes

9 months ago

Note: This updates no longer has a .NET 6.0 build, so you have to make sure to have .NET 7.0 installed.

What's Changed

  • About window which contains links to source code, license, tutorial, discord server and more
  • Fixed some logging messages for better understanding in case of a problem
  • Fixed ItemsParser to exclude duplicated items
  • Made a fix for changing domain name
  • Fixed issues with CSGOFloat (now CSFloat). Float fetching should work fine
  • "Craft Range" value now updates to show actual range from loaded items
  • Fixed short CPU name for new processors
  • Bump DiscordRichPresence from to by @dependabot in #22

Full Changelog: v.1.4.1...v.1.5.0

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