github Prevter/FloatTool v.1.4.1
Anubis Collection, Code rewrites, ItemsParser

latest release: v.1.5.0
15 months ago

Warning: Currently CS:GO servers are under heavy load. This means that you would probably get more "Couldn't get more than 10 floats from marketplace" errors than usually. I can't do anything about it, so you just got to wait / find time with less load.

What's Changed

  • Added new Anubis Collection and changed "AWP | Doodle Lore"
  • Rewrote ItemsParser to use game files instead of
  • Remade NextCombination method to actually support skipping, instead of running in a loop.
  • Added toggle to use Parallel.For instead of task pools. Testing shows a slight improvement on AMD CPUs.
  • Synced all namespaces to organize codebase
  • Bump Newtonsoft.Json from 13.0.2 to 13.0.3 by @dependabot in #20

Full Changelog: v.1.4.0...v.1.4.1

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