github Prevter/FloatTool v.1.4.0
Revolution Case, fixes and rewrites

latest releases: v.1.5.0, v.1.4.1
17 months ago

Main changes

  • Remade "Copy" button. Now it autoselects the corresponding textbox
  • Fixed a benchmark exploit
  • Remade Stopwatch to work like in .NET 7 (Doesn't allocate on heap, should work faster)
  • Settings now use JSON instead of registry
  • Added two new options to settings:
    • API selector to choose from two different methods of getting floats
    • Format selector to correctly format floats for selected extension
  • Added new Revolution Case

What's Changed

  • Bump DiscordRichPresence from 1.0.175 to by @dependabot
  • Bump Newtonsoft.Json from 13.0.1 to 13.0.2 by @dependabot

Full Changelog: v.1.3.0...v.1.4.0

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