github Prevter/FloatTool v.0.6.0
Combinations display and price count

latest releases: v.1.5.0, v.1.4.1, v.1.4.0...
3 years ago
  • Combinations now show in a block. Each one have buttons for faster copying floats
  • Search algorithm have been upgraded to work faster and include price of the full contract (+200k combinations on R5 2600)
  • You can now disable Discord RPC in settings (You still need to restart the application)
  • You can change currency in settings
  • Fixed bug with PP-Bizon which wouldn't show skins in combo box
  • Code optimizations
  • Registry now autofixes itself if some of the values have been deleted
  • Apply button now isn't enabled on settings menu open if you changed some of the options.

Known issues:

  • White theme still in progress

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