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Release 2.16.7

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27 days ago

๐Ÿ’ป Introducing prefect shell for observing CLI commands

You can now observe CLI commands as a Prefect flow. For example:

ยป prefect shell watch "curl"
17:32:39.562 | INFO | prefect.engine - Created flow run 'powerful-mushroom' for flow 'Shell Command'
17:32:40.171 | INFO | Flow run 'powerful-mushroom' - Chicago: โ›…๏ธ +50ยฐF
17:32:40.315 | INFO | Flow run 'powerful-mushroom' - Finished in state Completed()

See these docs to learn how to:

  • run a shell command as a Prefect flow on-demand with watch
  • schedule a shell command as a recurring Prefect flow using serve

See the PR for implementation details: #11998

Other Enhancements ๐ŸŒŸ

  • Integrate composite triggers with the DeploymentTrigger YAML representation โ€” #12413
  • Add JSON Artifacts โ€” #12295
  • Add auto-provisioning option for Cloud Run V2 push work pools โ€” #12422

... and numerous ๐Ÿ› fixes!

Full Changelog: 2.16.6...2.16.7

See the release notes for more!

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